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December Dauphin Island Property Owners meeting highlights

The audience of about a dozen was unusually sparse for a POA meeting.

Membership dues: as of 12/9/06, $101,775.00 have been collected. Later on in the meeting, a Board member suggested consideration of having paid-up membership dues as a requirement for voting in the future. A resident recalled that this question had previously come up in the early 90’s and thought that it was not possible to do so. The Board will research the possibility and then perhaps consider it at a later time.

Another suggestion for consideration in the future was to lower the number of votes needed to take action on selling or encumbering property. This would require a change to the current constitution.

The Isle Dauphine Pro Shop office will be closed from Dec. 21-25 and on January 1. After that the golf course will be open 7 days a week from January through March.

A new employee, Susie Dalton, was hired part time to assist Vickie Helms who is currently working full time.

The Architectural Committee reported that there were 3 new housing starts and 13 repairs for the month.

President John Reed reported on the lawsuit against a property owner whose permit application was disapproved but who continued to construct the dwelling. A motion to dismiss was filed by the defendants and was granted by the judge. The Board will consider if further action will be taken.

The Volunteer Committee reported that the group sold $835 worth of raffle tickets for the beautiful hand-sewn Dauphin Island quilt. Mayor Jeff Collier won the quilt! With this added to the other monies in the sale, the volunteers were able to give $1000 towards the purchase of new trees for the golf course. Baiba Guess and Kathy Howard were the hands and hearts behind the quilt efforts.

The Communications liaison (Tom Brennan) noted that some e-mails sent to the POA might not have been answered as the computer had a hard drive problem and was being repaired by Best Buy. If anyone had any communication he or she feels was not tended to, please resend it to the POA.

Board member Jackie Previto made a motion regarding the lease for the Isle Dauphine as it entered its next phase. However, after some discussion, the Board members felt that without the lease particulars in front of them, it would be difficult to address the matter. It was decided to further discuss the lease in Executive Session with copies in front of them.

President John Reed was asked by Joyce Allen (Building Inspector/Project Manager for the Town of Dauphin Island) to announce that 9 waterfront property owners have not returned their right-of-entry forms for the Berm Project. He read the names and the property addresses aloud. (Note: As a matter of court record at least 8 and possibly all of the 9 names read aloud did return the Opt-in forms for the lawsuit against the Corps a few months ago so perhaps they are opting not to sign these forms.)

At several points during the meeting, comments were made by various property owners suggesting that they had not been contacted for dues or had not received various communications. They were wondering whether anything could be done about improving communications and/or updating records. This has been an ongoing problem for various reasons, mainly the large turnover of property owners and the turnover of staff in the past few years. Suggestions were made to improve the situation.

Another property owner commented that when she moved here, she received a bill for POA membership and had no idea what the POA was or did. She suggested that perhaps a brochure explaining the same could be sent along with the bill. Another suggestion was that the realtors distribute these brochures at closing along with POA membership forms. These membership forms had been distributed in past.

Property owner, Doug Ford, has led the way to the possibility of obtaining a grant for almost $100,000 to be used for restoration. (In the past, Doug has applied to have the Isle Dauphine registered as an historic landmark.) This arduous grant application was 48 pages long and required a tremendous effort in supporting documentation. Thanks also to Carol and John Standish for their supporting photographic documentation.

The next meeting will be held on January 20th. Because this is also the date of the first Mardi Gras Parade (held on Dauphin Island) it was decided that the meeting would be at 9:00 am instead of the customary 10:00 am to hopefully help people avoid the parade traffic coming down to the island.

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