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November Dauphin Island Property Owners Association meeting Highlights

These are the highlights of the monthly POA Board Meeting which was held on November 11, 2006.

New Medical Facility
Joyce Allen, Building Inspector and Project Director of the Town of Dauphin Island presented details of a new medical facility to be coming soon to Dauphin Island. Dr. David Jenkins, who specializes in internal medicine and cardiology, is a resident of the island. Dr. Jenkins attended the meeting and spoke about the new facility, which he will head.

The building will be located behind Dauphin Island Town Hall. The facility will be open during regular business hours but doctors will be on call 24/7 for medical emergency services. The facility will offer full medical services, including radiology and lab capabilities.

All major insurance programs and plans will be accepted. Dauphin Island's ambulance services will be upgraded as well with full paramedics. We can look forward to having the facility in operation in several months. An Open House announcement will be forthcoming.

The Budget
On the financial front, the news was a little less joyful. Royalty income was down much more than was budgeted for and expenses were higher than forecast due to the loss of so many trees to pine beetles, and unexpected expenditure of $32,500 for tree removal.

Isle Dauphine Golf Course
With the tree removal project complete the golf course is now open for play on all 18 holes.

Business Management
The Board has decided to contract with a financial management company at a cost of $1250 per month. Computer problems and personnel turnover in recent months were cited as some of the reasons behind this decision.

Architectural Committee
The Board named Tom Howes to chair the Architectural Committee.

Volunteer Committee
The Volunteer Committee has been working diligently to publish the Dauphin Island Property Owners Association newsletter, clean the beach area of the Isle Dauphine and to beautify the golf course.

Two members have hand-made an exquisite quilt to be raffled off on December 2 at the Christmas by the Sea event. The money will go toward the purchase of some new trees for the golf course. Baiba Guess and Kathy Howard have spent many hours designing and sewing the quilt and it contains vignettes of Dauphin Island by way of former t-shirts and badges.

The Berm
The Berm Fund now has a combined amount of $324,447 from the Dauphin Island Foundation and DIPOA donations. Although the Bush Clinton Katrina Fund has dedicated $600,000 toward the local site share of the payment, the money will be held until a final determination of the actual cost to the island will be, as well as project additions such as walkovers, sea oats, etc.

The berm project is about to begin so get those right of entry forms back to the town if you have not already done so.

Recreation Committee
The Recreation Committee has identified four initial DIPOA sites to make more accessible and usable for the enjoyment of property owners. The scope of work and expense of each site generated lengthy discussions among meeting attendees. In the end all four sites were approved for the improvements requested, with a few modifications concerning either parking spaces or what the signs should stipulate at each site.

The four sites chosen for accessibility improvements are on Audobon (bayside), Forney Johnston, Salt Creek and Pirates Cove.

Next meeting
The next meeting will be held on December 9, 2006 at the Isle Dauphine Clubhouse.

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